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Monday, February 25, 2013

Pichtas Pichtas


Staying ALIVE
Just some pictures of life in the past month. No particular order or reason..
Sunny days, running around the bay, house parties and date nights
Au Revoir pour l'instant

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Forced Road-trips


Forced Roadtrips

Sure, some people assume road trips as a young adult will resemble the hours spent trapped in a large car with your family on the way to some destination you rarely had interest in. Eyes strapped to the miniature DVD player, begging for snacks, up to date music and arrival times... However,  as an adult I've become quite fond of road-trips   For one, the people that I choose to take road-trips with are usually the best of my friends. Spending hours upon hours in a confined space throttling to our destination, listening to our music as loud as we want, letting our conversation follow any path it does.  WHAT COULD BE BETTER? when we arrive, I feel accomplished not tired. Road-trips make you appreciate not just the destination but the journey as well :) 

Seemed so fitting to spend my last miles with my Volkswagen Jetta, who has been so good to be for 5 years with a California road trip.. Just like many trips before, my jetta handled the California highway like a badass. 

Last moments of 2012 were spent riding up the coast, stopping in Santa Barbara and then spending NYE weekend in my favorite city and home San Francisco.  We visited more places to say, but i can't go without shouting out a few must sees in the city. 
25 Lusk was a beautiful, delicious and rustic dinner in SOMA. The food was mouthwateringly expensive and delicious  and the atmosphere was a New York Rustic feel that I obsess over.
Bi-Rite Creamery will always hold "BEST ICE CREAM" place in my heart, and the city view ain't bad either.
Absinth Brasserie & Bar was a perfect french inspired restaurant to spend an evening with friends. Great Wine and so many vegetarian options :)

Now that the holidays are over, what else to do but announce that I have NO resolutions this year. Just planning on keeping up my amazing life, and grow into my 20's one month at a time. 
Au Revoir Pour l'instant <3 

Roadtrip Instagram Reel :) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Monday, October 22, 2012

Solo Livin Part two

Solo Livin' Part 2

Living alone as a twenty one year old can prove to be both liberating and grounding.

I find myself throughout the day able to give myself full blown panic attacks inside my mind while even grazing the thought that i left the oven, stove, air conditioner, or straightener on.. not to mention if i locked the door. Oh God, I hope I locked my door..

I have found however, that those racing thoughts always turn out to be nothing. I have matured and I have grown living alone. Sure, I've lived "on my own" in the past. Away from my Dad, a fully stocked cupboard and fridge, paper towel rolls that never seem to run out. I have had roommates and responsibilities, but truly living alone, being the only one in charge of one's space, your space, is truly a magnificent feeling. 

I have grown a love for cooking my own meals, I love to grocery shop and throw random spices into anything and everything. I love doing chores in my underwear and leaving the lights on until 2 in the morning to read Cosmo and drink chai..I LOVE CHAI
On an even more surprising note I love turning the lights off at 8pm and dozing off to sleep without any regrets like I'm wasting my youth. 

So what If I occasionally have to check my birth year and make sure I am not 75. I like to go to bed early after a cup of tea, and I might as well take advantage of that while I can.
Au Revoir Pour L'instant

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can I show you my ID?

21st Birthday Part 2

I've never been much a fan for my birthdays..

But what a wonderful and special week it has been.
My actual day of birth fell on a tuesday so a small but hilarious way to ring in a birthday was in order at Fred's Mex Cafe. Greasy Food, Blended Margaritas as Big as my Face. My friends were quite entertained with me and my unexpected inebriation. 

We were then off to San Francisco and Napa Valley
I had been awaiting a trip here, and it was an amazing introduction to such a beautiful place. It was fun to break free from the San Francisco fog and reach a cement-less painteresque scene like Sonoma. 2 days of awesome food, wine, and champagne.
My best birthday yet. Came home with thousands of pictures, a $!CK pair of Beats by Dr Dre that have turned my work day into a concert.. and of course bottles and bottles of the freshest wine and bubbly.

Ram's Gate Winery
On the way up to a reservation we stopped at the beautiful and very new winery Ram's Gate. We were lucky enough to get a table in the outdoor/indoor patio with an amazing unobstructed view. Excellent snacks and tastings. Decor is modern& minimalistic. 

Tra Vigne:
Stumbling in after an afternoon of tastings, we were starving. I have a crush on outdoor patios and lovely italian decor. The food was amazing, grilled bruschetta delicious, Risotto Balls to die for, and a Rasberry Mojito Tea that was just perfect. 

Other Recommendations: Brix Sunday Brunch (stunning view and the most food you could possible eat) 
Schramsberg Winery ( the best of the best, beautiful tasting and tour of the historic and famous champagne winery)

Au Revoir pour l'instant <3
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